Armed Battalions-A Brief History

In 1941, the British raised a contingent of 1000 men  as ‘ Additional Police’ to assist the Civil police.  After  partition,  the Hqrs.  of  this force shifted from Lahore to Jalandhar Cantt and it was  re-designated  as the “Punjab Armed Police” (PAP). Post independence, Punjab Armed Police performed Indo-Pak border policing. After Chinese Invasion  (1962) – 37 Punjab Armed Police Battalions raised.  In 1966, at trifurcation of Punjab, 32 Bns. amalgated in BSF, CRPF, SSB, Haryana Armed  Police & Himachal Pradesh Armed Police. Only 5 Battalions were  left with Punjab Armed Police in Punjab. 33rd Punjab Armed Police Battalion raised in 1988 ; trained and designated as 1st Commando Battalion. Later 4 more Commando Battalions & in 1993 five India Reserve Battalions were raised. Two more India Reserve Battalions raised in 2005 At present Armed Police has 20 Battalions. (8-Punjab Armed Police, 5-Commando  & 7-India Reserve Battalions).

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